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Meg Murri is a typical high school student who fights for self-esteem that only wants to fit in. The daughter of two well-known physicists in the world, she is smart and unique, like Meg’s younger brother Charles Vallace, but she just needs to figure it out for herself. Things that are complicatedare magical disappearances g. Murri, who broke Meg and broke his mother. Charles introduced Vega’s Meg and his colleague Calvin to three celestial creatures (Mrs. Vat, Mr. Vhatsit and Madame) who are going to Earthnaglakbai to help them search for their father, and together they begin with their intense efforts. To travelthrough the grinding of time and space known as binding. They have shifted their imagination over the world, where they have to face a powerful evil. To restore Earth to Earth, Meg faced darkness inside and quickly accepted the power needed to win the darkness.

After losing his father’s scientist, three miracles are sentMega, your brother and his friend in the universe to get it. After discovering the new space space as the disappearance of Meg’s father, he, his brother and his friend, must join the three magic Creatures – Madame. Vhatsit, Ms. Ko and Mrs. What to travel around the universe to save him from the terribleevil.

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Pastor Dave (David White) responds to the unimaginable tragedy lies in the fact that his church, located in local universities, was burned. Church destroyed. Church of silence. He collapsed. However, even in the dark valley of life a small fire may light up the path to healing hope. After a deadly fire in the church. Leaders James Hadleigh university use the tragedy to push the church campus, forcingtsarkvaabaranyats their rights and siebiebraci closer to the meeting, which opens up old wounds and causes them to solve the problems they have relegated.