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Memory cards are one of the most effective ways to think about problems and connect with new ones.

FreeMind is a Java based platform designed to make this process as intuitive as possible through the links “child” and “brother and sister”, which I hope you will createyour card. To start FreeMind, double-click and double-click on the file in the “lib /” file in the FreeMind file.

“Start with childNode”, which is your primary subject. You can write this title in a number of fonts and styles, and then right-click on itadd kids that are objects that apply to them. You have many tools and annotations left to add colors and notes to the memory card. This toolbar is merged and modified, but it’s very difficult to understand.

The basic addition and deletion of FreeMind’s elementsvery easy, but the interface suffers from a lack of organization and clarity. The above toolbar is pressed with many annotations that are not particularly useful (for example, penguins) and generally consider the program to be a bit weaker.

FreeMind, however, is very fast and free to use- We can say more about similar memory mapping programs.

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